Year of the Unicorn moves between Canada and France, where Vittorio, a successful artist in his fifties, seeks inspiration in the country’s extraordinary art and culture—and release from a paralyzing obsession with the enigmatic Farah, a married woman.

In Paris, Vittorio continues to yearn for Farah as he struggles to accept her idealization of platonic love as a superior emotion and the only kind she will accept between them despite his desire.

At the famous Musée de Cluny, Vittorio recognizes his own longing in the bedazzled gaze of the unicorn depicted in a series of tapestries entitled The Lady and the Unicorn, and returns to Canada determined to confront his own Lady, to bare his soul and insist she make a decision.

Published by Life Rattle

In The Shadow of Home

In The Shadow of Home

Carmelo Arnoldin has worked on an epic project called Mille, an architectural monument to the end of our millennium and the beginning of the next. It is a gesture of hope, a quest for knowledge and an indeterminate journey of a non-resolution and fulfillment.

Carmelo Arnoldin has also published a first book In the Shadow of Home and he is now at work on a novel. As a visual artist, Carmelo Arnoldin had his first solo exhibition in 1984 at Mercer Union, Toronto; he has since shown his work across Canada, Europe and Asia.

Carmelo is working on his first work of fiction a novel titled Year Of The Unicorn to be published later on this year.